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Bihrle Applied Research LAMP Facility
Bihrle has developed a wholly-owned research center located in Germany incorporating a unique vertical wind tunnel and associated testing apparatus which became operational in 1991. The Large-Amplitude-Multi-Purpose (LAMP) Wind Tunnel was designed specifically to eliminate the undesirable cost and time constraints associated with assembling large aerodynamic data bases, in addition to providing experimental capabilities not available in other facilities. Using a single model, one can quickly acquire the aerodynamic data necessary for calculating all the full-scale subsonic vehicle motions realized in all flight regimes, including stall and post-stall flight. Force and moment as well as pressure data can be measured in static, body-axis oscillatory, and wind-axis rotational motions at all angles of attack, sideslip, oscillatory and rotational rates theoretically attainable by a vehicle.

The facility is used for research projects, preliminary configuration studies, and measuring the data required for spin predictions, as well as for obtaining all the subsonic data required for modeling the aerodynamics required for a high-fidelity engineering or training simulation.

Government and commercial customers from Europe. Asia, and North America have utilized these capabilities (e.g. NASA, US Air Force, US Navy, Lockheed, Boeing, Cessna, EADS, Pilatus, Saab, and KAI).
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Langley Full Scale Tunnel
Bihrle Applied research can provide unique and state of the art testing in the Langley Full Scale Tunnel (LFST). This facility is operated by Old Dominion University with Bihrle personnel conducting the data acquisition. The large test section (30 ft high and 60 ft wide) allows a variety of static and dynamic testing as well as model size. Bihrle personnel use their expertise to design and setup any special hardware to be used during testing. For previous tests, this has included the design and construction of separate actuated stings for use with multiple test models. The space and flexibility of the LFST in addition to the wind tunnel test expertise of Bihrle engineers provides a very efficient and useful tool for the design and development of any customer’s vehicle.
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Air Force Research Laboratory 12' Vertical Tunnel
Bihrle Applied Research has designed, built, and installed a Multi-Axis Test rig to be used for static and dynamic testing in the AFRL 12 ft Vertical Wind Tunnel. Bihrle is under contract to provide technical personnel and engineering expertise to conduct all outside customer testing for the facility. This includes everything from preliminary design work as well as aerodynamic data for full simulation of a production aircraft. The facility is located at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio.
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Hampton, Virginia
The Bihrle Applied Research Engineering Facility in Hampton Virginia, is the site of a reconfigurable simulation laboratory and system test area.
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