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D-Six Simulation Environment
The first fully extensible simulation environment, permitting the dynamic linking of other object modules that can control everything from the simulation integration scheme to external graphics and network communications with no requirement to edit source code.

AeroPort is a simulation database porting tool for use with many common formats. When porting an existing model to a new simulation platform, converting the database can be a large and tedious task, prone to error and nearly impossible to validate. AeroPort can convert to and from more than a dozen simulation database formats quickly and accurately.

SimGen is a tool for rapidly generating simulation flight models using computational aerodynamics codes. SimGen auto-executes the selected aerodynamics code and post-processes the data into simulation data tables that are compatible with D-Six and other simulation environments.

Reconfigurable Engineering Cockpit
Bihrle is creating a reconfigurable engineering cockpit. The R-MASS device is designed to provide organizations with a low cost solution for simulation laboratory needs.

Balance Hardware
Bihrle has an extensive collection of task balances for sale or for loan. Most balances have been used in wind tunnel tests with updated calibrations and reliable test measurements. Calibration reports, Dummy balances, Taper gauges, and drawings are also included with most balances.