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D-6Traditional simulation development and deployment typically yield the situation where the simulation development and analysis tools reside in environments and platforms separate from those used for real-time simulation. Besides the complexity and cost of maintaining two separate simulations, the traditional simulation environments have required workstation class platforms, with their associated cost and limited availability. Through the application of new table manipulation and lookup algorithms, Bihrle Applied Research has developed a revolutionary new P.C. based simulation environment, D-Six, that combines the graphical interface, analysis tools and flexibility of the simulation development environment with the computational power needed to run the most complex engineering simulations at real time. Unlike other P.C. based simulation tools, a single D-Six application fully supports simulation development, analysis and validation activities, as well as real-time, hardware in the loop, simulation deployment.D-6

Rather than a conversion of an existing simulation environment to a more modern programming language, D-Six is natively hosted in C++, fully object based, and was developed specifically to utilize the most recent advances, efficiencies and graphic capabilities available on a P.C. platform running Windows. As a result, D-Six is the first fully extensible simulation environment, permitting the dynamic linking of other object modules that can control everything from the simulation integration scheme to external graphics and network communications with no requirement to edit source code.

This structure can support the efficient inclusion of a number of simulation development tools ranging from graphical interfaces with most simulation functions, through flight test analysis tools, while permitting the linking of embedded code objects from other sources. In this fashion, compiled legacy code from other simulations, communications with other hardware (such as control sticks, graphical displays, or network communications, etc.) can be added by simply linking the required objects through a standard interface.

This structure permits a simulation model independent core, with rapidly reconfigurable model dependent "projects" (all model dependent data and functions) that are linked at runtime. As a result, model projects can be distributed easily between D-Six users and immediately loaded and run. The availability of embedded tools in a simulation environment capable of running the most complex engineering simulations on a P.C. at real time provides a highly capable, low cost solution for the simulation developer as well as the simulation end user.

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