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Whether you are developing a flight simulation for engineering, training, or entertainment purposes, there are times when you have limited information with which to start. SimGen is a unique tool that enables you to generate a flight simulation starting from a simple three-view sketch of an aircraft.

SimGen includes a two-dimensional drawing utility that enables you to quickly trace three-view images of an aircraft. This drawing is automatically processed into a geometry model suitable for use in a variety of computational aerodynamics codes supplied with SimGen. You select the code to use and specify the extents and functionality of your aerodynamics database. SimGen auto-executes the aerodynamics code and post-processes the data into simulation data tables that are compatible with DSix and other simulation environments.

SimGen also provides a database of propulsion models. You specify the number, location, and type of engines on the aircraft and their sea level static thrust values. Using this information, SimGen auto-generates a propulsion database properly scaled for use in your aircraft simulation.


SimGen can also automatically generate an "Almost Ready-to-Fly" DSix project. SimGen creates data tables and compiled project code ready for you to configure pilot inputs from a joystick or a even a full cockpit. You can literally start with a sketch and fly a six degree-of-freedom flight simulation within 20 minutes.

Aircraft Model Configuration

The computational aerodynamics and propulsion model methods are plug-in modules to SimGen. These modules can provide tools for generating models at various fidelity levels.

The HASC02 plug-in is provided with SimGen and generates linear aerodynamics models and scaled propulsion models. Future modules will provide non-linear aerodynamics and/or an engine cycle based propulsion model.

SimGen is well suited for the following applications:

  • Conceptual design studies using the simulation as an analysis platform.
  • Production of a baseline simulation model ready for augmentation with wind tunnel data or test data as it becomes available.
  • Generation of physics-based flight models for game and entertainment projects.
  • Creation of medium fidelity flight models for use in large multi-vehicle and battle simulations.

Aircraft Model 3-D

SimGen Information (right-click and select "save link as..." to download)
* SimGen Brochure (259Kb, .pdf)
* SimGen Powerpoint Presentation (4 Mb, .ppt format)
* SimGen Computational Methods (38Kb, .pdf)
* SimGen Introductory Video (10Mb, .wmv format)

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