Rail Condition Assessment Solution

RailVision™ enables efficient rail track inspections by automatically processing terabytes of aerial imagery for the identification of track features and anomalies and the generation of actionable results.

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Business Case

Traditional Methods

When it comes to supplemental railroad track inspections, today’s railway companies are faced with several limitations:
  • Inspection equipment requires track occupancy
  • Single track inspection only
  • Limited actionable information
  • Significant delay (months) in delivery of results

UAS & RailVision Solution

The use of drones and RailVision™ provides a unique solution at an unequaled value to the rail transportation industry.
  • No track occupancy
  • Inspect multiple tracks simultaneously
  • Wide range of automated detection abilities
  • Delivery of actionable results in hours

Features & Capabilities

  • Rail Detection

    Yard Track Centerline Spacing

  • Rail Detection

    Single & Multi-Track

  • Rail Detection

    Gap (measured to 1/8" accuracy)

  • Tie Detection

    Tie Counting, Distance & Slew Angle

  • Tie Detection

    Tie Type & Condition

  • Tie Plate Detection

    Confirmation, Spikes & Holes

  • Turnout/Switch Detection

    Normal & Reverse Throws

  • Fastener Detection

    Concrete Crosstie Fastener Detection

  • Curvature Detection


The RailVision Process

Customer Example - BNSF Railway

Bihrle Applied Research Inc. serves as key consultant to BNSF Railway in support of its UAS initiatives and RailVision is the solution of choice for BNSF for its supplemental track inspection activities.
RailVision is a proven technology that is available today and serves as the single solution selected by BNSF Railway for its UAS-based supplemental track inspection activities. BNSF is actively building out its supplemental track inspection activities using drones and RailVision, conducting automated rail inspection on a weekly basis and continuously increasing coverage across its 32,000+ miles of rail networks. In tandem, Bihrle Applied Research Inc. continues to make improvements and add capabilities to RailVision in support of this expanded use.