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Low Speed Testing
Static Testing
Formation Flight Testing
Dynamic Testing
Boeing T-45 Goshawk Inverted Spin/Spiral Mode and Hinge Moment Testing
General Aviation Configuration Development Support
Review of Dynamic Testing SBIR Results
Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Static/Dynamic Testing and Database Development
Powered Testing
Advanced Trainer Powered Testing
The Development of the Skytote UAV
Pressure Testing
Full-scale F-15 Forebody Testing
Aerodynamic Analysis for Motor Sports
X-31 Dynamic Pressure Wind Tunnel Test

Simulation Development & Support
Italian AV-8B II+ Mission Simulator Aerodynamics Model Development
F-15 Keep Eagle Program
F/A-18C/D Powered Approach Model Development
Ranger Model Development
The Wright Flyer Model B Simulator
General Aviation Configuration Simulation Development Support
Grumman EA-6B Engineering Simulation
F-16 Operation Flight Trainer (OFT) Flight Model Update
Ice Contamination Effects Flight Training Device (ICEFTD) for NASA Glenn Research Center

Flight Test Support
Advanced Trainer Flight Test Support
X-31 Departure
F-16 MCID Support

PRODUCTS (Software)
AV-8B Aerodynamics: Local Develpment Remote Deployment
F-18E/F Flight Model Re-host in DSix
General Aviation Simulation Manufacturer Application

DSix Simulation Software
Implementation of Wright Laboratory F-16 MATV Simulation into D-Six
Application of D-Six at Air Force Research Laboratory
Italian AV-8B II+ Mission Simulator Aerodynamics Model Development
FOKKER Stick Loader
Boeing F-18 E/F Flight Control System Test Station
Utilization of D-Six for ACAS Development
Pilatus Aircraft Engineering Flight Simulator
F-18E/F Flight Model Re-host in D-Six
Aerial Refueling Application

Development of the Pilatus PC-21 Training Aircraft